Green Space

The ON3 campus will consist of many features unique to the site and the region. A wide main thoroughfare will boast full-growth trees, a planted median, bicycle lanes and lush roundabouts. Walkways and bike trails will connect to surrounding parks, greenways and waterways throughout the campus. Prospective residents can lounge, office workers can unwind, and the community can gather for events in 20 acres of green space.


The ON3 campus is located five minutes from the three thriving town centers of Nutley, Clifton, and Montclair offering an abundance of dining options. There is also 180,000 SF of proposed retail on campus that will offer additional world-class dining experiences.

24.7 Enviroment

With proposed residential opportunities, ON3 will integrate seamlessly with the surrounding towns. The campus retail and entertainment center will create an urban destination in a suburban context. An integrated hospitality and lifestyle hub will offer restaurants, retail, and lifestyle and leisure amenities.


The campus is strategically located on the amenity-rich Route 3 corridor, providing easy access to a variety of retail and dining destinations. It is also located ten minutes from the renowned retail and shopping of New York City.

Medical Education

The ON3 health complex will be a bustling area of more than 2,000 students, faculty and knowledge workers. ON3 is home to the first private medical school built in New Jersey in decades, made possible by a partnership between Seton Hall University and Hackensack-Meridian Health System. The project will create a world-leading National Health Institute-designated Clinical Research Center and features accredited medical and graduate schools for Health and Medical Sciences and Nursing.


The existing buildings are all serviced by an onsite Central Utility Plant (CUP) for the production of electricity, and redundant boilers and chiller plants. Occupants will enjoy an environmentally advanced infrastructure, more reliable energy service and the ability to operate while separated entirely from the PSEG grid in the event of a major natural disaster.

  • 100 Metro Blvd

  • 200 Metro Blvd


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